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Marketing Kite

MarketingKite is a marketing educational website for businesses and entreprenuers. MarketingKite focuses on a few primary categories such as the Fundamentals, Client Relationships, sales concepts, internet marketing, and designing with marketing in-mind.
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Find My Rock

FindMyRock is a website that delivers diamond education to the consumer from basic education on diamond purchasing to picking the right jeweler. It has helpful consumer tools from diamond industry price lists, certificate generator, and diamond value calculator.

A new book has just been released called “Round Diamond Buying Guide” and a video course is coming soon on how to properly purchase your diamond engagement ring.
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SashaEvdakov.com is the personal website of Sasha Evdakov, who is the owner and creator of DakovGroup along with many of the other websites you see on this page. The website has excellent tips for businesses, motivational leadership skills, and excellent seminar and video presentations on marketing.
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TradersFly is a site that focuses on educating people on financial topics ranging from stock fundamentals, technical analysis, to option trading. It also provides recent industry news for the financial markets.
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Dance Happens

Dance Happens is a site that focuses on bringing together a dance community through events. Event coordinators and promoters are allowed to post, manage, and promote their events through the network allowing visitors to easily find local dance happenings.
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Model Wink

Model Wink was designed to connect models and professionals in the modeling industry. Professionals in the modeling industry can create a profile and bring exposure. It is a community designed to learn from one another, network, enter contests, wins prizes, and bring a wealth of information to the modeling industry.
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Dakov Photography

Dakov Photography was created by Alexander, founder of DakovGroup. A site dedicated to showcase and promote our photography services in wedding photography, sports photography, concerts and events, family portraits, and more.
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Dakov Films

Besides all the print, stills, and photography work, we also do motion graphics and video. Dakov Films show cases our wedding films, commercials, event videos, and documentaries that we created.
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Dakov Media

Dakov Media is a digital design subsidary firm. It shows some of our past work for our client ranging from logos, website development, corporate identities to  search engine optimization and viral marketing.
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